7 Tips on how to be productive during Loadshedding

Lately, we’ve had load-shedding in South Africa; it got me thinking about how much I’ve become dependent on technology and power. Power shortages can be very frustrating and interrupt your workflow and productivity. Below is a list of simple actions to take during load-shedding, that will help you stay on track.

Things to do to stay productive in your business 💻

  •  Clean your computer- delete cache and downloads; this will improve the performance of your computer.
  •  Write ideas for content, products, services. – Pro- Tip you can use Google docs to convert your photos notes into a document. 
  • Read a book- with this process going on for a while, so you might as well catch up on some reading and acquire more knowledge.
  • Be flexible with your schedule.
  • Consider investing in a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply); there are some good ones just for the WiFi, which is a good thing as mobile signal tends to drop when the power is out.
  • If you’re working at an office, catch up on your filing or reading that boring manual or report. It will be dependent on the lighting,
  • As a last resort, if work is urgent, consider going to a co-working space or cafe.

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Things to do to stay productive while at home 🏡

  • Tidy your apartment, wash the dishes.
  • Go to bed (this is if it’s at night and closer to bedtime)
  • Unplug devices you don’t want your appliances and devices to be fried by a possible surge of power when the power gets back.
  • Don’t complain on Twitter about the power- by now, everyone knows that there is load shedding, so save your phone battery.
  • Play some board or card games- you can still have fun.
  • Catch on some writing, whether it’s a blog post, that novel you’ve planning to write, a meal plan or even a prayer.
  • Clear out your pantry

Electricity can transform people’s lives, not just economically but also socially. Piyush Goyal

Actions to take when the power 🔌 gets back on

🟢 Check the Eskom website for when the power will be cut next in your area so that you plan, especially for meals. 

🟢 Charge all your devices and rechargeable batteries 

🟢 Keep candles and lighters in a visible place.

🟢 Keep hot water in the kettle jug or get a thermos flask.

🟢 Stock up on canned foods and other foods that don’t require cooking. You don’t want to be paying for meals every day.


Thanks for reading, see you in the next post!

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